2018 News

January - A new start with Stephen on the hunt for work, Olivia moving towns & starting her first professional role, Paulie increasing her hours, a flooded home in France, and the lads continuing to meet the challenges of Spain and England.

2017 News

December - A lot's on! Olivia has a birthday then graduates after 4 years of physiotherapy study. Festivities before and just after Christmas. And then there's the bits inbetween including pal Michael arriving from France after a 2 year Aussie absence, Nick and Elena taking a breakin St Antonin from the noise and protests of Barcelona, and James being busy in Oxford • November - A lot to celebrate - four years of study comes to an end, Paulie's birthday, clan adventures • October outings - still all over the place with study in Brisbane, conferences to attend in North America, unrest in Catalonia and the struggle for work/life balance • Sweet September - Family gatherings, Remote family catch ups with Chinchilla, Italy and New York • Out in August - The travels continue for the clan kids...Olivia goes bush for work, Atherton roots are rediscovered in North Qld and New York • July Journeys- New York, North Queensland, Germany , Northern NSW, and ... Logan. The clan spread their wings. June jollies - Nick & Elena joined the Indooroopilly household and a pleasant winter month passed by • May Days - The last week of May Paulie flies solo en France & Stephen gets back into Bonding • May 13, Stephen & Paulie head to France to meet up with family (and do some work) • May kicks off in Oxford and the lads immerse themselves whilst the Brisbane folks embrace Autumn action. April Action - plenty to do with numerous public/bank holidays, Oxford lads to Germany, work in Brisbane • For Pauline April also included work in Western Australia. • Marching on - the whole clan work and play as Autumn kick in for some, and Spring for others • February - Feb fades and Stephen and Olivia start new jobs, Paulie increases her work load and Nick and James continue thier roles • Stephen notices another local cooling down in the pool and moves Cedric out of the water and on his way (his big brother Cyril chilled out in Dec) • Back in Old Blighty Keno & James get busy - Keno's paper is published in "Neuron"• James has a video to produce at Glastonbury (to come) and a week in London running a workshop. January - The Oxford lads are in Brisbane a wee bit longer • Jan 26 - Olivia has pals over for Aussie Day drinks•


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