2017 News

November - A lot to celebrate - four years of study comes to an end, Paulie's birthday, clan adventures • October outings - still all over the place with study in Brisbane, conferences to attend in North America, unrest in Catalonia and the struggle for work/life balance • Sweet September - Family gatherings, Remote family catch ups with Chinchilla, Italy and New York • Out in August - The travels continue for the clan kids...Olivia goes bush for work, Atherton roots are rediscovered in North Qld and New York • July Journeys- New York, North Queensland, Germany , Northern NSW, and ... Logan. The clan spread their wings. June jollies - Nick & Elena joined the Indooroopilly household and a pleasant winter month passed by • May Days - The last week of May Paulie flies solo en France & Stephen gets back into Bonding • May 13, Stephen & Paulie head to France to meet up with family (and do some work) • May kicks off in Oxford and the lads immerse themselves whilst the Brisbane folks embrace Autumn action. April Action - plenty to do with numerous public/bank holidays, Oxford lads to Germany, work in Brisbane • For Pauline April also included work in Western Australia. • Marching on - the whole clan work and play as Autumn kick in for some, and Spring for others • February - Feb fades and Stephen and Olivia start new jobs, Paulie increases her work load and Nick and James continue thier roles • Stephen notices another local cooling down in the pool and moves Cedric out of the water and on his way (his big brother Cyril chilled out in Dec) • Back in Old Blighty Keno & James get busy - Keno's paper is published in "Neuron"• James has a video to produce at Glastonbury (to come) and a week in London running a workshop. January - The Oxford lads are in Brisbane a wee bit longer • Jan 26 - Olivia has pals over for Aussie Day drinks•

2016 News

December - A lot of action - Olivia continues her Japan trip and returns, Jon and Bea move from Malaysia to Oz, Elena and Nick move to West End, and James and Keno drop in on Australiafrom Oxford • November - Nick & Elena settle in to Oz, Exams and Japan for Olivia, meetings in Rome for James, a full life for all • Nov 6th - Clan Dunlop and friends share birthday celebrations October - A big month with big moments - Nick & Elena arriving from Europe, Bea & Jon from KL, Stephen working in Adelaide, Olivia going all Germanic, an Oxford anniversay, wildlife antics aplenty, and birthdays for an AthoTurnbull and a young MIss Dunlop • September - Olivia's semester break includes the Physio Ball • 22nd - the end of an era. Fuji Chamberlain passes • Stephen and Paulie are reunited en France on the 20th • On the 11th Stephen heads to the Caribbean for work and Paulie heads to France • September kicks off August - Work routines & travel, outings, visitors • The funeral of our neighbour and friend of 40 + years, Kaida • July - Family stuff for July . Le Tour de France comes to St Antonin on the 7th June - More time in NZ for Bill's funeral and busy clan in Europe • Work for LiftUpp starts in earnest for Stephen in NZ. A dear friend dies • May Be - 7 weeks after returning, Stephen heads back to England & France & Paulie to NZ • May kicks off at Chateau AthoTurnbul before the clan disperse again • April away - 14th - 22nd Atholads catch up with their madre in Spain • 13th - 18th - back to Aussie HQ for the Ladies Turnbull & Stephen • 1st -13th SJA's last 13 days in France & return to La Cachette, Gals still refugees. Stephen greets Jan & Jim before heading home • Marching on - A Franco-Australian affair - Stephen in France, the gals in Brisbane and an Italian visitor • Splintered team with SJA is still in England, the gals in Oz, the boys in their respective turfs • Feb fades for the AthoTurnbulls on both sides of the planet • February frivolity - moves underway with Stephen to England & France & Paulie and Olivia to St LuciaJump into January - On Jan 28th the girls headed to a Kiwi family wedding A quiet start to 2016 included a visit from Malaysian based clan, Paulie sisterly bonding, and an Aussie Day do


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